25 Back to School Lunch Ideas

25 Back to School Lunch Ideas

It's officially back-to-school season which means the constant question of 'what's for lunch?' will be popping into every parent's head each weekday morning!
Here's 25 of our favorite ideas for a healthy lunch for your little ones!
  1. Turkey, cream cheese + spinach pinwheel, berries and yogurt
  2. Hummus with chopped carrots, peppers or snap peas and a string cheese
  3. Peanut butter + jelly sandwich, broccoli bites and yogurt
  4. Cottage cheese, zucchini bread and berries
  5. Cracker sandwiches (turkey/ham + cheese on a Ritz cracker), cottage cheese and mandarin oranges
  6. Pasta salad with veggies
  7. Peanut butter crackers, string cheese and a banana
  8. Hummus wrap, pretzels and yogurt
  9. Veggie pizza pinwheels and applesauce
  10. Cream cheese + jam sandwich, watermelon and crackers
  11. Mini pancakes + jam to dip and mixed berries
  12. Mini muffins, yogurt and berries
  13. Chicken salad + crackers, pretzels and snap peas
  14. Antipasti snack box - salami, mozzarella pearls, olives and peppers - send with crackers
  15. Egg salad sandwich, cucumber slices and ranch 
  16. Hawaiian roll turkey sandwich, carrots and string cheese
  17. Yogurt parfait - yogurt, granola and berries
  18. Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, banana and cottage cheese
  19. Cheese quesadilla, guacamole and tortilla chips
  20. Broccoli and cheddar puff pinwheel, berries and cucumber
  21. Marinara pasta, ants on a log and a string cheese
  22. Cheese tortellini in pesto, cottage cheese and peaches
  23. Cheese pizza pinwheels, cucumbers and applesauce
  24. English muffin pizza, apple and celery
  25. Mini pigs in a blanket, melon and yogurt

All of these work perfectly in our bento boxes which are re-stocking this week! They've been so popular because they're dishwasher and microwave safe + they 'snap' so no spills! 

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